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Disrupt Music Group - The Alternative.

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With the strength of a major and the integrity of an indie, our goal is to provide clear pathways and support for musicians, along with the tools to create sustainable and long term careers.

We provide support across key areas for success including music marketing, distribution, release consulting and label services.

We are working towards solving big picture problems at a grassroots level.

We are a music obsessed, future focused global team, here to simplify & demystify the artist journey - every step of the way.

Disrupt Music Group is built on the country's most awarded digital Marketing tech company, stepping confidently and naturally into the advanced realms of the music industry. Offering a select number of essential artist services, we are experts in our fields, utilising over 15 years of experience & cutting edge digital marketing technology.

We believe in transparency and that knowledge is power, we want to empower you.

Providing Intelligible reporting helping you to make informed decisions on your journey.

Our artists are a priority, which means we can't work with everyone, but we are good listeners.

Be Non conforming, Original. Disrupt the system

Disrupt Music Group - The Alternative.

We might be selective, but we are passionate about our artists, maybe even a little obsessed…

We only work with that
 extra kind of special

Show us what 
you got!

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