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You focus on the music, we’ll manage the release! We partner with artists to develop a release plan that works. Our team is dedicated to helping your music reach their full potential while honouring your artistic vision. With our support, you’ll connect with fans, get heard and make an impact in the industry.

DMG offers world class digital distribution services. We work with all of the major services providers including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok and more. Our streamlined process ensures you are in control the whole way! From having your own digital wallet to split payments, we’ve got you covered.

Our team will pitch your music to hundreds of curated independent playlists, which will not only help boost your streams and get your music heard but will get the Spotify algorithm working for you!

Followers and engagement on social media platforms and Streaming platforms have become one of the most important metrics
for the music business as a whole. It will help with everything from streaming numbers, to booking shows. Let’s start growing you fan base now!

Our A&R team is always on the lookout for artists to partner with and join our growing roster. Reach out if you would like to share your music with us for consideration.


boo seeka

“Beneath the head & the heart” boo seeka’s second album has gained  Over 10 million streams since release (June 30 2022) Playlist reach growth from 1.6M to 8.3M and a huge Spotify monthly listeners increase from 324K to 780K. The sustained growth and success of this record has shown how important a well planned, long term digital and social promotion strategy is. Check out Boo seeka’s music HERE


Let It Go was the first single for HUTCH, but with the help of DMG’s creative marketing and release team, we were able to help make his debut single explode and create a massive buzz in the Country / Pop Rock scene! Starting from zero, we we able to help grow his monthly listeners to over 100K, get over 300K streams, and grow his playlist reach by a massive 2,200% CHECK OUT HUTCH’s MUSIC HERE


the breakthrough track “alone together” from the slick indie electronic due known as golding was a massive success on all fronts. as their second ever release, it smashed past the 100k streams in the first month of release, landing huge editorial and curated playlist adds, commercial radio play and 5 star reviews. Now with over 3 million streams, and no signs of slowing down, golding is definitely worth a LISTEN


The chutney boys have been making waves with their latest track “DREAM IN A WHILE” the main goals with this campaign were to get industry buzz from triple j and other commercial outlets, land solid playlists and build hype for their live shows. sitting at over 160K streams already, and being one of the top 5 most play-listed tracks in Australia during the first few weeks of release, It was also posted on triple j’s homepage as “track of the day” which is a massive get for a relatively new band

Why Disrupt music group?

Because we get it

Our team are not only music lovers, but are all actively involved in every facet of the music industry. Prom producers and engineers, to artists and content creators. We have all experienced the frustration of handing over your creative heart and soul (and hard earned $$) to a label, PR or marketing agency hoping for the best, but ending up with results that make you question your entire creative journey. We treat every release like it's our own, and will do whatever it takes to deliver a result that leaves you with a sense of excitement and hope for the future of your music.

It's not our first rodeo

With the success of countless releases in every genre, we have refined our approach to distribution, digital promotion and play-listing to a point where we can guarantee the artists we work with are not only happy, but will keep coming back. We stake our reputation on our results, in fact it's what drives us to deliver winning campaigns for all of the artists that become part of our DMG family.

our partners.

DMG have partnerships with the worlds leading music platforms, Agencies and media platforms

Let us manage your release

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With our team, you can sit back and get back to what’s actually important, BEING creative!